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        Company Profile

        Zhuhai Qinghong Pharmacy Co.,Ltd. is a pharmaceutical, health care and medical device distribution company, established in May 2005, passed GSP certification and achieved ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification.

        The company now mainly sales drugs, manufacture medical equipment, also sales health food. It’s a comprehensive pharmaceutical circulation, medical device manufacturing enterprise.

        The company has a wide range of end customers across the country, including the distribution of customer network of national comprehensive large-scale hospitals, private specialized subject hospitals. Company products involves a number of areas of cardiovascular drugs, gynecological drugs, antibiotics, gastrointestinal drugs and other clinical fields, which cardiovascular drugs selling is best. With a unique market perspective, the exclusive production of "Disposable Tourniquet" get the national utility model patents ", with huge market potential and development prospects. Exclusive research and production of new healthy food "Potash Alkalescence Effervescent Tablets " (patent), as the treatment of  hyperuricemia secondary drug, and truly filled the blank of domestic class product market.

        The company developed a general diagnostic system for medical institutions, and applied for invention patent, utility model patent and appearance patent total of 10 patents, the products are used in the provincial hospitals, municipal hospitals, urban and rural hospitals and community clinics for diagnostic use. The device has more than 20 diagnostic functions, it is a powerful, comprehensive and practical diagnostic equipment for general practitioner.

        The company has consistently adhered to the "people-oriented, professional, winning by quality, special survival" business philosophy, started to build a specialized distribution teams to focus on brand planning and marketing, In the rapidly changing pharmaceutical market, the company will continue to uphold the "integrity, pragmatic, innovative" business philosophy, work together with various types of pharmaceutical production enterprises and look forward to your joining and participation.