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        Company News

        Tenth Family Medicine and Community Health Academic Conference

        Date: 2015-04-24

        April 11, 2013, by the Chinese Medical Association branch of general practitioners, Capital Medical University, Department of Family Medicine and Xicheng District Health Bureau organized by the contractor Fuxing Hospital, Capital Medical University, on the altar of community health service centers and Chinese Community Health Network Tenth Family Medicine and Community Health Academic Conference held in Beijing. The opening ceremony by General Medicine and School of Continuing Education, Capital Medical University, party secretary presided Aimin, guests attended the General Assembly of the former Ministry of Health has led the revival hospitals, the World Organisation of Family Doctors (WONCA) President Richard Roberts, University of Wisconsin Professor Kenneth Kushner, Dean Funk, Valerie Gilchrist, Jonathan Temte and American University of Southern California School of Medicine, James Wu, Professor Zheng Jiaqiang British Medical Sciences, Taiwan Institute of Family Studies Professor Li Mengzhi medical education and community health service experts from more than ten provinces and cities across the country, A total of more than 600 workers.


        Our production of medical devices, diagnostic systems and related products on display at the conference by the parties concerned, and scholars from around the world, experts, industry workers also learn from each other during the meeting, study and about the full development and future industry trends general medicine and to further promote international exchanges and cooperation.


        By participating in the Family Medicine and Community Health, Academic Conference, we feel a general medical importance and urgency. Mutual learning between the country advanced experience, absorbing, and then will take effective measures to promote the health of the community health, sustainable development, and to better implement health development "Twelfth Five-Year" Plan to strengthen the capacity of community health services, improve family doctor service content, and promote the development of general medical disciplines, meet the new demands of the masses and the growing health needs of economic and social development of health development.