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          • Products Name: Palace tumor clear film

          • Indications: blood stasis, eliminate disease breaking product, nourishing heat. Used to stop bleeding within the
          • Dosage form: tablets
          • Specifications: each weighing 0.4g.

          • Products Name: 小兒咳喘靈口服液

          • Indications: 傷寒感冒引起的咳嗽
          • Dosage form: 合劑
          • Specifications: 每支裝10毫升

          • Products Name: Pancreatic Kinionogenase Enteric-coated Tab

          • Indications: vasodilator. There microcirculation effect. Mainly used microcirculation disorders, such as kidney
          • Dosage form: tablets
          • Specifications: 120 units / piece 40 / box

          • Products Name: Lumbrokinase Enteric-coated Capsules

          • Indications: ischemic cerebrovascular disease increased fibrinogen and platelet aggregation rate increased patie
          • Dosage form: capsules
          • Specifications: 200,000 units, 600,000 units.

          • Products Name: Nimodipine sustained-release tablets

          • Indications: ischemic cerebrovascular disease, migraine, mild cerebral vasospasm after subarachnoid hemorrhage c
          • Dosage form: tablets
          • Specifications: 60mg